I’m staring at the remains of an abandoned room. The language on the walls announces the period the room was last visited. The photos are fading, but if you look closely you can see a vision that was once meant to be.

I’m standing outside myself trying to grasp forgotten documents and notebooks scattered through the room, on dusty shelves and tattered floor, but the memorabilia keep slipping through my fingers. What is this?
I want to hold a piece of what was. A breeze, coming from shattered windows, crumble the pages into ash and drifts the remains away. Continue reading “1/29”


Leave of Absence.

It’s been 2 months since I’ve posted anything. April and May have not been kind to this idle dreamer. Work left me drained. My imagination and passion were lost in the long hours of labor. Every second tick was a stab towards my fantasy filled brain, and I felt the color and wonder slowly leak. I wanted to patch the holes, and store the ooze of my leaking world in a jar by writing it all down before it disappeared, but my body was too tired to move. Everything was lost and my brain has flat lined.

Now I’m here salvaging the remains of a lost world. Continue reading “Leave of Absence.”

Batman v Superman.

      So on Tuesday, despite the quarreling reviews, I went to go see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (mouthful of a title). To give a very short review in a few sentences: It’s entertaining, not a masterpiece or revolutionary, but I don’t think it deserves a 29 on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s sort of what I expected when I watch any other blockbuster superhero film.

      It was strange though. At the end of the film, when my friends and I were discussing the film on the drive back home, I couldn’t help but think I watched it differently from them. One friend said he enjoyed it, and would probably watch it again. The other friend felt the opposite and was nitpicking small but yet notable details. When it came to my opinion the only thing I could, or perhaps wanted to, talk about was the philosophical and political questions that were touch upon in the film.


      You see for me I’ve seen superheroes duke it out in movies, comics, and videogames; and I most likely will see them duke it out again in May. So it could be that I’ve smoked the shit of the superhero crack pipe since 2000, and now the effects of it have been diluted. I crave a different sort of high to stimulate the mind. Batman v Superman almost did that, as a superhero movie.

      If you were to ask me how would I fix the film I would say change it to a political drama featuring superheroes.

watch-the-final-batman-v-superman-dawn-of-justice-trailer-now-835757      The first half of the film is just that, and it is the most interesting bit. You have people asking Superman to stand trial and face the consequences of his doings, asking the government to limit his power. You have Batman, a mere mortal, afraid of losing power, afraid of not being in control, which sends him out on this mission to prove to himself that he is not powerless as he was when he was a child. Lex, the villain, tries to find imperfection in what others believe is perfect, “God takes sides! No man in the sky intervened when I was a boy to deliver me from daddy’s fist and abominations. I figured out way back if God is all-powerful, He cannot be all good. And if He is all good, then He cannot be all-powerful.”
The film questions the idea if someone should be worshipped if they also hurt the innocent? Should a god abide to human laws? Who should be held accountable for the casualties and destruction when the battle is all over?

      You can see these questions and themes developing in the film, but they just blow it up in the end. As if to say, “get your politics out of my comic book movie,” because to create a film that questions the morals and beliefs of the audience can only result in a bore-fest. And Hollywood refuses to make something that won’t cash in, so just throw it in the trash and watch superheroes fight it out for the 100th time.

Question: What did you think of the film? Did you like? Did you hate it?

Where is the Poetry?

      This past week I’ve been burying myself in my readings, and privately writing in my journal flash fiction and poetry. None of which I plan to publicly publish here, for a lot of it I feel is unfinished and needs refining. Although, when I do read whatever clutter of words I have mustered to a friend they tell me it’s fine.

      I’m not sure why but I’ve been quite cynical about things lately, Continue reading “Where is the Poetry?”

Dear February,

Dear February,

         There are people who love you and there are people who love to hate you, but no matter what it is it’s always in the condition of love. As for me, I’m in between, and I don’t care. Your month felt more than one day less, despite it having been Leap Year. 

         I don’t remember much about you; other than you, making feel a little Continue reading “Dear February,”

Downtown Boys.

I want to share something with you. A band to be more exact. I recently stumbled upon Downtown Boys, as I was casually listening to my daily podcast.

Downtown Boys is a “Bi bilingual political dance sax punk party from Providence,” as they would have it. Which isn’t wrong. Their is music up beat, fast-pace, and the sound of the sax adds a ska vide to it all; switching between english and spanish lyrics, disclosing Victoria Ruiz, the lead vocalist, Latin roots. Their music tackles social and political issues from women’s rights to race to capitalism.

I’m not one to critique music and I never will; props to those who can, I guess.

I wanted to share them with you to give you an insight into the music I listen to, but mostly to show them off to the world. A band like this needs to be heard, and the message they are trying to convey, by more people.

Mountain View.

I had a dream this morning, the details are vague. I’ll try to recollect bits and pieces as I write this.

My friends and I were walking through a grocery store. I don’t think we were there for any specific reason, just three travellers passing-by towards an unknown location. I can only assume it was a route we took for the sake of time, to get to point A to point B faster. I’m not sure what led up to the following event, or the irrational thinking that went through my subconscious that disguised itself as my friends, but it all happen so fast.

Friend A and B were arguing over something, I don’t know. It resulted in friend B throwing a tomato at friend A. Friend A moved out of the way, and the tomato traveled its way towards me crash landing on my face. I retorted, as any sane man would, by throwing a bottle of vegetable oil. Friend B weaved out of the way, and the bottle erupted on an old lady that was shopping for veggies. She screamed. Security came. We ran.

We unanimously split into different directions, each taking our own separate aisle, but I felt like the slowest of the three. I ran as fast as my mind and body would let me. Nonetheless, I felt the hand of the law reach out and touch the hair on the back of my neck. With whatever energy I could muster from within, I picked up my speed for the sake of living. I franticly tried looking for an exit, bumping into pedestrians and knocking over products. The placed seemed lager than it did at the start, as if it kept expanding the closer I got to an exit; what felt like a small grocery store, turned in a Walmart Supercenter, into a mall.  Continue reading “Mountain View.”

Reading Challange

      I joined Goodreads this year. It sounds like something I should’ve done years ago, I know, but I wasn’t always a bookworm. In fact, I don’t consider myself to be a bookworm. I just like to absorb knowledge. I joined to keep track of all the books I wanted to read and to be exposed to different literature.

      I thought maybe for fun I would take part in the 2016 reading challenge. It asked me how many books would I like to read this year, and I had no clue. I didn’t know how many was too many or too less. I wanted to be realistic but also try to reach something noteworthy for myself.

      I settled at the number 20, only for the reason that the site asked me to list 20 books I’ve read to create a catalog of recommended books. I’m starting off fresh on Goodreads, meaning the only books on my ‘read’ section are the books I’ve read this year.


      I’m three books in and I’m currently working on my fourth. Here’s what I have read (In the order that I read them):

Farewell to Arms – Ernest Hemingway
Heart of Darkness – Joseph Conrad
Between The World and Me – Ta-Nehisi Coates

      I’m currently reading Midnight In Mexico by Alfredo Corchado. I’m open to suggestions if you would like to recommend a book.

      I will add Goodreads to my sidebar so you can keep track of what I’m currently reading, and follow my progress. Also, feel free to add me on Goodreads if you have one.

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