I called a few places, today. Apartment hunting is simultaneously a long and quick process. The time it takes to find the perfect place that meets your requirements is interminable. The time it takes to get denied is too short-lived that the work for finding that “perfect place” is senseless. Knowing you can’t afford the place stings more than knowing there are no more rooms available. I’m desperate at this point. I would even consider living in a home filled with live wasp nest if it means having a place to stay.

I’m moving to Denton to start my first semester at UNT. I’m surprised I’ve made it this far transferring to a university. I usually tend to stop and give up when I feel change coming. Stepping into the unknown with uncertainty of the outcome never floats with me, but here I am looking at a list of unavailable apartments. I have less than a month to find a place. Time isn’t my friend at the moment, and it doesn’t help that this year is swiftly passing by.

Thursday should hold some promise. I’m heading to Denton tomorrow to met up with my potential roommates to check out a few places and hopefully find a home. Speaking about roommates, perhaps I should introduce them. For the sake of their privacy I will change their names, after all, what I write here is consider fiction in my own head.

I’ve known Alice since I was in high school. She’s best friends with my best friend so in a way that makes us friends, if we were to follow the branches of this friend tree. The few times I’ve been around her, she always produced an aura that of a child full of energy, wonder, and curiosity. Her atmosphere is strong enough to bring a hermit like me out of his shell.

The other roommate, I know nothing about her. She is a nameless soul with a faceless body. I was told the name but it slipped my mind. I was shown a picture but the quality was bad I thought I was looking at a closeup of an 8-bit character. A wild card. Alice met her on a website where people go to look for strangers to be their roommates. Alice told me she seemed cool, but how does she know for certain. She is from Austin and is also desperately looking for a place to live, so we have that in common. .

The mysterious girl booked an appointment for a house tomorrow, so Alice and I will finally get to meet her for the first time. I’m glad one of us is making progress. Fingers crossed that our personalities connect to one and other. Finger crossed that we find a place to live. Fingers crossed that fingers crossed works.


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