Absent Minded

      I’ve been absent from WordPress for over a month now. The last post I published, before the short story, was a poem titled “All music sucks.” A fun little poem that I wrote for my friends on Facebook.

      I have no excuse for my one month hiatus, and I wish not to formulate one. I was not suffering from writer’s block; I could show you my journal full of shitty poems and ideas for proof. I did not suffer through some soul searching quest for myself through the holidays, although I’v had a lot of things on my mind. No. I simply did not write.

      I will not lie, the one month gone has felt like four months or more.

What has happen between then and now?

      A lot and nothing. There was talk of me writing for a magazine. There was talk of me doing a podcast. There was talking of me writing a screenplay for a web-series. There was talk of me doing vlogs. There was a lot of talk of ambitious audacious ideas, but I stuck to writing because that is what I know best. What else? My hair grew. My mind grew. My curiosity grew. My body slimmer. My eyes weary.

      I did think about jumping on WordPress and typing some sort of signal. A gesture to indicate I was alive. In fact, on January 1st I opened my laptop with the intention to greet my followers to the New Year and list my New Years Resolution, as I imagined many other bloggers did. Instead, I opened my laptop and stared at the open empty Microsoft Word window. I had a lot to say, I really did, but I couldn’t muster the vitality to type.


      I think a part of me was doing a lot of thinking, a bit for myself and a bit for my blog. I wondered what I wanted to do with it. I wondered what I wanted to write. Questions that you wonder at the start of a blog not a year in.

      I wondered how I would establish myself as a freelance journalist. This was the big one. For a while now I started calming that title, through social media and conversations, but it was time to own up to it. What does a freelance journalist entail? I thought.  There are a lot of things I would like to report on and a lot of things I wish to comment on.

What is happening now?

      I established this blog as a collection of short stories, poetry, and life updates such as this; which I will continue to do. My issue now is trying to calm the mind and stick to one story at a time.

      The blog will go though a few changes, which is expected as it has slightly grown and the things I wish to write about has expanded. I love to talk about films I’ve watched, the books I’ve read, and videogames I’ve played. I love to comment on a social issue that ignites me to write. I love to write.

      Perhaps my greatest fear is barricading my followers and pushing them away…




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