One Year Strong!

It has been a year since I’ve made my WordPress.

Before WordPress, I spent a good while exploring other blogging sites like Blogger and Tumblr, migrating here and there trying to find a community I
could call home. I never found any of the sites fitting to call home. Blogger never seemed user friendly, and Tumblr is… well… Tumblr. The site wasn’t very text friendly. That’s where WordPress comes in.

IMG_0201            I created my WordPress on November 13, with the notion of “writing more.” I had big dreams for the blog. Big plans. For a while it was just a blank site with a title until someday in February I decided to transfer my old writing onto this site.

   After that, I tried to “write more” on WordPress, but my goal was met with one blog post a month for four months. During those times I was only attempting to write short stories or thinking about writing short stories.

            Around May I decided to pick up poetry. An art I never tired, and only read about in English class. As my interest in poetry started to rise my involvement with WordPress did as well. I started reading poetry from other poets on the site for inspiration. I would like, comment, and follow the ones I liked.

            But it wasn’t until August, when I finally took part in a community event on WordPress, when my presence grew. During August, I took my first blogging class on WordPress, Blogging 101. The class taught users the fundamentals of blogging like picking a layout and creating a name, most of the stuff I already done before taking the class. I took the opportunity to meet other bloggers by visiting their site, reading their blog, and starting a conversation about their content.

            Once the class was done with, I had gained a few followers who enjoyed reading my silly poems. I felt like I had to deliver to my readers and so I did. I tried writing a poem a day or at least every other day or every other other day.

            I soon found myself writing not with the intent to publish but just to write. A series of words now sit in the draft section waiting to see the light of day.

            As I write this now, I occasionally pause and ask myself am I the writer I always wanted to be?

            The answer is yes, which is the most positive thing I ever said about myself.

            When I look back at where my writing was almost two years ago compared to now, I can see the difference. Strangers I once knew approach me at parties, and other social events, and compliment me on my writing, telling me their favorite poem (it is very terrifying when someone comes up to you in person and talks about your writing).

            My blog was once just short stories but now I have a poetry section, a photography section, and a journal section. The blog is slowly becoming the blog I wanted a year ago. I still have a few things planned for the future of this blog; things that will help push me as a writer and storyteller.

            My life is not together but I have the path I want to take mapped out. The only thing I need to do now is venture out. I learned all I want to do in life is write.

            I need to wrap this up. So to all my loyal readers thanks for sticking around and believing in me. Without your supporting words, I don’t think I would have lasted this long, THANK YOU.


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