The ‘Bite Size Poetry’ Project.

Last week on my Instagram I started a new project. The project involved me sitting in front of a mic and camera reciting poetry.

The idea came to me after watching the Dead Poets Society. I desperately wanted to gather with my friends and recite poetry, but sadly my friends aren’t the type of people to read poetry.

So on a lazy Thursday, I decided to record myself reading a poem that I resonate with and post it on my Instagram account. The video got a few likes to my surprise.

I continued to do for a week just to see if I can. Below is the collection of poems I recited over the week packed in one video.

I enjoyed doing it and it gave me something to do while I was suffering from writer’s block. I had to learn how to adapt to Instagram’s 15 second rule, and finding short poems to fit that quota was sometimes difficult. Nonetheless, it was fun.

But why am I writing all this if I liked doing it?
Why not just post the video and say a few words about what the video is?

I think I simply want approval and feedback from my loyal readers. I want to know if this is something my followers would enjoy. I created a poll to see what you guys think.

If I continue to do this, I will try to post every Monday-Friday a short poem on my Instagram, then I will combine them all and upload the collection on Saturday to my WordPress. I may even jump out of Instagram and start reciting longer poems.

But for now I need to know…


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