Prolonged Post.

            It’s been two weeks since school started and four weeks since I’ve posted anything on my blog, so I guess this is an apologetic post wrapped in an update. I took a hiatus from writing to mentally prepare myself for school, relaxing my mind by reading books and binge watching TV shows (mostly Hannibal). After I posted my poem back in August, I started packing to move again, for the fourth time this year. I’ve learned to travel light so it wasn’t an issue but I don’t think I’ll be moving anytime soon, so I’m getting comfortable in this new apartment, until next year.

            Once school started on September 8 things started feeling organized, opposed to my hectic “I have too much time and I dunno what to do” summer. The change is reflected in my new orderly room as I now know where things are.

            Something feels different about this semester. I feel different this semester. Earnest would be the word to best describe the ambience the Fall semester is releasing. I’m writing for the school newspaper and just submitted my first story on Tuesday, so the moment that is published I will share it on here. My program of study has guided me to a photography class, so these past couple weeks I’ve been experimenting with what I’ve learned thus far. Don’t know if I should add photography to this blog. I’ve dabble on it a few times providing most of the the cover photos for some of my writing, but never actually considered starting a photography blog.

            Anyways, I want to apologize for my absence. I haven’t forgotten you my followers, I promise. After catching up on a few assignment this week, I should go back to writing more frequently.


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