For the third assignment of Blogging 101, I thought about sharing blogs I follow, and enjoy reading. The tags I follow are few and satisfy the needs of my interest: words about life, short fictions, news, and poetry. The blogs I’m about to mention I never attempted to seek, on the contrary, they found me. Amongst a pile of bloggers that share the same vision, I’m glad they did, exposing me to their thoughts and writing.

Crestfallen Leaf

Crestfallen Leaf writes poetry that captures the joy and struggles of being a college student. He is married to the art, and I find myself eagerly waiting for him to drop the next verse.

Ordinary Adventures 

This blog is outside of the bubble that I would normally confine myself in: part fitness and part photography. But what I love is she blogs about blogging pointing out the lessons she learned, jotting them down as a reminder for herself and sharing them for newbie bloggers, like me, to learn from.

In Noir Velvet

A blog that limits itself with the amount of words it can use, and because of it every word is artfully used to paint the picture it wishes to show, entering the dark void of their mind and showing it to the public.


A blogger looking to share his ideas and views, a philosopher at heart if I ever did see one. Give it a try: read his post, take what you can, and apply it to your life.

Give these bloggers a read, show them some love, you may even fall in love. Who knows.


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