The Thing About Me.

So this was something I wrote for an assignment in school. The teacher made us design a profile on a website, and instructed us to write about ourselves. This was originally posted on August 2013, and I had plans to post it here, but I was too shy. So here it is. About me.

You have to be real sophisticated when it comes to writing an “about me.” You don’t want to sound smug and pretentious, but you don’t want to sound dull and boring. It’s all about hitting that right spot in between; after all first impressions is everything. I’m sitting here thinking of a way to describe myself as elegant, but not too elegant. To be honest, I always thought writing my name down on a name tag that says, “Hello My Name Is: Jesse” would be enough to know about me, and if someone really wanted to know more they can always ask questions. But you have to be famous for someone to care that much about you, and you have to have an interesting story to tell. I could lie and make up some events that I’ve seen on movies, television, or read in a book. Although, there would be plenty of plot holes left unanswered. I tend to get lost in a good story. I can sink my teeth into any kind of story, really, as long as the characters are worth investing into. To tell you the truth, I even enjoy reading up on history; history is basically a long drama, expect it actually happened.

My finger is steadily tapping on the coffee table as I think of the words to type. I start thinking about how my classmates are approaching this assignment. I imagine some of them build a table with two columns labeled “Likes” on one end and “Dislikes” on the other. The idea tickles me inside, as if they are setting up a dating profile. They’ll have a list for their hobbies and interest, just a list, with no explanation why. I wouldn’t blame them if they did. It’s easy, quick and you can get your point straight across with just a bullet and the word “Dogs” written next to it. I may go with that approach, but it sounds to0 dull and boring.

For example:


  • Books

But if I really wanted to be specific.


  • The Catcher in the Rye

I had a friend ask me what the difference was between hobbies and interest, I looked at her and said, “Well I’m interested in girls, but I don’t make them my hobby.”

I also imagine a few people saying procrastination is an issue for them. As for me procrastination isn’t an issue, but I’m not perfect. I don’t want to say I’m easily distracted either; I don’t suffer from ADD or anything like that. I’m not lazy cause I still have the strength to play video games. I guess I just play too much video games I tend to hold off on doing important assignments, like writing an “About Me.” I can’t help it, I love video games. Video games are like movies but interactive. I could go on about how great videogames are, but this is about me.

I mentioned earlier about how I enjoy reading or watching a good story unfold. Sometimes I try to find the time to write little stories myself, but they never get finished. I tend to get caught up in my little stories. I overthink about them at night, as a result I find it hard to go to bed; it’s like my brain suddenly decides to turn on. My friends encourage me to write a script, so they can film. My friends have a passion for filming. I have a passion for storytelling. I think we make a good team. I told someone this before and they asked me, “So you wanna be a writer?”

“No, no” I said, “I wanna be a storyteller.”

I honestly can’t think of anything to say about myself. I mean I can say if I prefer dogs or cats, but I’ll be drawing a barrier between cat lovers and dog lovers. Cat lovers don’t want to read about a dog lover, and dog lovers don’t want to read about a cat lover. I may end up doing the two-column concept, but I don’t know. That’s the thing about me; you never know what I’ll do or say. In life you call that a paradox.


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  1. I feel the same way, when I started my blog, I couldn’t find the right words to describe myself, it kinda awkward, but when you want to achieve the goal to be a better writer/blogger I guess it comes with it. You have to know yourself, to know where to get an inspiration to write. Do I make any sense? hahaha, please don’t judge my english 😀


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