The Irretrievable Mind

My mind cannot focus. It keeps shifting between social sites. First my blog, I scroll through looking for notes or a comment, hoping someone reaches out to me. Next I login in my Facebook. My eyes shift through the various statuses, looking for something to comment on. I type my own status, “I’m bored.” This of course has a much deeper meaning than I lead on. I’m bored is a cry for help. a distress for some type of communication. Any. I’m bored really means I’m depress, I’m lonely. So why don’t I just ask for company? Cause no one wants to talk to a pleading boy. I desperately wait for a message from a stranger that I call friend.

I go back to my blog. No comment. No notes.

I go back to my Facebook. No message.

I continue to do this for 30 minutes after each second. My patience grows thin, still no sign of contact from other life forms. I grab a bottle of whisky, which is more than half way empty. I take three shots under 2 minutes. Still no one. I decide to make a game out of it. Each time I check my blog or Facebook I take a shot. One shot. Two shot. Three shot. I eventually finished the bottle.

Nothing made sense after the fourth shot. I was already feeling the alcohol in my body numbing me, but I still felt the tears run down my face. I was just going to call it a night until my Facebook notified me of a message. My heart developed a warm flame of hope. I immediately logged in and read the message that said.

“Hello Kevin,

Nate has invited you to join FarmVille. Would you like to accept?”

I smiled with rejoice and quietly said, “Yes.”


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