Death Scene?

Sometimes I lie in bed and wonder what my last moments would be like. Is it how the movies depict it? You know, you get a flash of lucidity and you watch your entire life in half a second, as you exhale your final breath. If that’s true then I would like to think, as I go, the last thing I see is a montage of all the good things I’ve done, and the impact I’ve had on people’s life. Even if it was little, I like to think I contributed to the world.

I imagine all my friends and family around my deathbed, but no one is crying cause there is no regret or “I should’ve” moments. The heart rate monitor is turned off, so no one obsesses over it. Everyone takes turns saying a few words, talking about all the good moments we had, the conversation would always begin with “remember that time Jesse…” as I lay asleep motionless on the hospital bed, chuckling with them in my head. Everyone stays till the end, until the doctors come in and take me, then everyone goes to iHop because that would be the only restaurant open. More importantly no one mourns over my death, only because they know I wouldn’t want to be a burden.  Of course, this is all imaginative I can’t really say how things would actually go. But if my life were a movie or novel then that’s how I would do the ending.

I never ask myself if I’ll be miss when I’m gone, because that is a stupid question. Of course someone will notice like when a boy losses his mom, when a company losses a worker, or when the planet losses a tree. I believe everyone has his or her place in the world and when that place is unoccupied someone notices.


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