Forth Wanderers – Television


I ate up your words, every last scarp, and added flavored text that blurred the taste and intent of your message. There wasn’t much but a smile and a pretty face, but that’s all it takes for me to waste this hopeless gift. You don’t read much and I doubt you’ll read this, but within your face my eyes found comfort and focus.

Hobo Johnson – Romeo & Juliet

Reciting poetry with a stuffy nose behind a hip-hop beat. Loneliness runs through the genes, divorce is in our family history that’s why it will never work between you and me.

In my memory, I can hear
Chopin’s nocturnes playing in the background
A slow trainwreck, you’ll close your eyes
But forever hear the sound, and boy it’s tough
‘Cause thats the sound of people falling out of love.

Sealion – Vails


Our bodies seasoned in salt water, bumming on a sofa nude in a dusky lit room . You crack open a window to feel the coastline breeze against your tit, and air out the smell of burnt cannabis.

Camp Cope – The Opener

Laid-back riffs with a proactive message: A FUCK YOU to the male dominant music industry. Georgia McDonald is tired of the “you’re like no one else” spew you’ve been feeding other girls only to find another “unique” girl.

It’s another man telling us we can’t fill up the room
It’s another man telling us to book a smaller venue
‘Nah, hey, cmon girl we’re only thinking about you’
Well, see how far we’ve come not listening to you.

The Breeders – Nervous Mary


Nervous Mary starts with a numbness that spreads through the veins until the stuff hits the brain and paranoia kicks in. A million fly heads turn to the only exit in the room; patiently waiting  to get a glimpse of you with ommatidium eyes, saliva dripping from their starving mouths.

Sorry – Lies


“Lies” is a somber track that evokes a feeling of remorse. Remorse for being the way you are. Remorse for being difficult.


These days I just can’t keep it together
And I feel like I’m lighter than feather
And life feels like it’s just base on the weather
And I make lies like we should be together

Aztec Death – Helpful Hands


“Helpful Hands” coldly bitter message is delivered through a thick bass that feels like sinking into black tar and a hypnotic screech from the guitar that echos Christopher’s raging vocals and gothic lyrics.


They came into service willingly
To heed the call of your enemy
Packaged wild fire
Useful fool’s desire

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